Cargimex provides a high-quality, professional and organize services that captures the magic of your products and items, from imports and exports, to business development, online marketing, online selling stores within wines, spirits, beers, business furniture, and multiple various items we will grow your market.

We are available worldwide for any interesting opportunities. Based in Montreal, Canada and United States we have access to all the international convenience and we have partners on every continent, and always searching for more anywhere in the world.


We offer high-end products with your own custom label to maximize profit margins on beverages that an event promoter can sell or allow for the creation of a trademark.


Diversity of high quality alcohol at local producer prices available on the international market in 20 'or 40' containers delivered in FOB or ExWork.


We offer the opportunity to buy bulk spirit such as Rhum, Whisky, neutral grain spirit etc... which allows you to increase the productivity of infrastructure and operations, to have a diversification of your products, to reduce production costs related to manufacturing and of course increase your profit margin.

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