Hi, we’re the Cargimex family, we’re professional traders who work together to discover new products in order to make them available to the world. We create a worldwide network profitable to producers, providers, distributors and companies to reach new markets, new customers and transform what's local into global through our international business network and with our online stores. We love discovering new products, new items, new partners and we love to make them available around the world: being in this business, having the opportunity to participate in the development of our partners success is the best job in the world!

We each bring our individual specialism to create lasting, solid, profitable business development and commercial networking that effortlessly captures the essence and the beliefs of our partners. Doing business with Cargimex implicates professionalism, organization, communication and strong ties to our network. More than a business, we believe every partner have put all it's effort in his company, that's why at Cargimex we consider ourselves and our network as a family. Working together and blending unobtrusively with your business, we will take every moment, occasions, to unfold the world for our family. Welcome in the Cargimex family!

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